Jul 04

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Ethics and Morality

The SIC believes that ethics and morality had always played vital role in determining the strength of the social fabric which holds every human to other through a conscious endeavor for common good, and teaching to people how to live an upright life is its moral obligation.
A man has free will for doing any act. But this is not the freedom in real sense. All his acts originate from the domain of his knowledge and belief. Instinctive acts are even not free from his emotions and feelings. Acts arising of ignorance cannot be called good or bad unless accountability is associated.
Ignorance, concupiscence, fear and violence have been always issues and concerns among humans. The sense of distinction between the good and the bad thus only strengthens our will. We inevitably have to be justified to ourselves first, then judge others. So every act of human beings, howsoever small or great, demands a justification for intention behind such acts.
We all commit mistakes, but there are those mistaking affecting many people that we instinctively should avoid, and can attempt this through the knowledge and understanding of Ethics and morality from SIC.

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