Jul 06

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Welcome to S.I.C.!

Dear  S.I.C. Reader and fellow traveler,


Welcome to Sunrise Itinerary Center!

You may just wonder why I spent money and time to create SIC, along with this website.  I am a professional health and nursing educator, and I believe I can educate anyone who is willing to learn with me through different means and in different places. 

In this period of new technology, we can accomplish many things in a short period of time, and we can reach to many people through this new technology. 

As I train people, I train myself too.  I welcome all nursing students, nurses, public health officers, professors, and academicians or researcher to come join me, so that we can train each other and learn from each other.

I did not study theology, but I studied the Bible from elementary school until I completed my doctoral studies.  Even without education, I can share whatever knowledge I have about the Bible. My passion is to participate in the commission from Jesus Christ, to spread the gospel all over the world. One of the reasons I founded SIC was to spread the good news of the kingdom of God. I am not a holy person nor a pastor, I am not a priest or Pope, I am just a simple person with a great passion to share the word of God through my own means.

I want to testify how God has been good to me throughout my life, even though I am a sinful man.  Life is usually very hard for many people including me.  As far as I am concerned, my life is hard because of making wrong decisions, and not planning very well for my future. I want to be able to examine my life and encourage you to examine your life as well.  I request God to search my life, my soul, and cleanse me from all my sins and transgressions.  I know very well that God knows me than I know myself and He hold my breathe in His hands. I know above all, that He loves me and He cares for me, even if my faith in Him is very weak.

  We are living a broken world, full of sins.  On the spiritual side, we are knowingly or unknowingly involved in a great tragedy, facing the greatest enemy Satan.  Socially we are not kind to our fellow men, to ourselves, and to our environment, and oftentimes, these are not kind to us either.  

We are forced to deal with the consequences of sin that include:  diseases, terrible suffering, natural and man made disasters, environmental changes, famine, and constant wars, human and drug trafficking, and terrorism. On mental aspect, we are facing or fighting ignorance because this one of the greatest enemy we have too.  On the physical dimension, our body is consistently undergoing change, and what we eat or drink, and how we handle it affects our longevity.

 So, I try to think what is my contribution in this world in all of these challenges that mankind faces?  Can I sit and forget what is going on in me or around me?  What you is role in this world?  I founded SIC., and created this website, to try all I can to change this world, and to invite you to bring also your contribution.  I know, If I don't others will do it or may not even do it, but I will be responsible before God, that I could have done something, even so small it can be..., but I did not do it.  

You too, if there something you can do to make this world a better place for living, do it.  If you don't, others will do it or may not even do it.., but God will ask you someday why you did not do it.

 Please, join me.  Let us learn from each other.  Help me to do something for our fellow men, for our family members, for our friends and enemies, and even for ourselves.  Use this website to share to the whole world your experiences in life. We need to know what makes you strong and what makes you carry on, in this difficult life.  Whatever you have, that is a talent God gave you, use it for Him. This SIC and this website are for you and me and for the whole world.

Blessings to you.

Dr. Samuel Umereweneza SIC Director

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