Mar 02

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The S.I.C. believes that someday soon or later, all people will face the judgment of God, where everyone will be accountable of all he/she has done.

People strive hard to achieve power, material possession. Good people, try to achieve happiness through living an upright life, using moral principles in the daily lives, confessing their sins and dedicating the lives in the hands of their creator.

The S.I.C. would like to train people to think about their destiny. In terms of God’s judgment, many people may not survive, because we trespass God’s commands in our thoughts, actions, and words in all of our lives. The only way to survive is to fix our eyes to Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins.

When Jesus Christ died, he paid our penalty so that we may not be slaves of sin and fearful of eternal judgment of God, but live a happy life through the merits of Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross of Calvary many years ago. When he won, all of us who believe in him won, and therefore have hope in having eternal life when Jesus will come back, and that is our destiny. Those who don’t believe in him live unhappy life in the fear of the judgment of God; they are afraid that they may not survive, and indeed, if they cannot, they will end up in hell, where Satan and his angels will take part.

The S.I.C. would like to lead people to the cross of Jesus, because with Jesus, you have happiness, rest, and your destiny will be eternal life. 

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