Mar 02

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Related imageThe S.I.C. believes that freedom is one of the most important elements of mankind. Throughout history, many people have died because of freedom. The S.I.C. used a flying bird to symbolize ‘freedom”. Mankind cannot enjoy life without freedom. Indeed, our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life, but is always the results of good health, and freedom in all just pursuits. You can never understand the benefits of freedom, until your freedom has been taken out.

The S.I.C. would like to train the students in all levels on how to be free. Not only to be free from harm or accident, not only to have a freedom of speech or of going anywhere you want, but most importantly freedom from telling lies, freedom from crime, freedom from sin, freedom from debts, freedom from poverty, freedom from ignorance. The S.I.C. want to mold the behaviors of its students, in a such way that they would be good not only in the classroom, but also at home, or everywhere they may be.

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