Mar 02

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The S.I.C believes that education which is represented by a graduation cap and a diploma certificate, is one of the important of elements in human life in which a student receives knowledge which will put all his/her potentials to maximum use.  Education makes man a right thinker and right decision maker. The S.I.C. believes that through a proper education, man is enabled to receive information from the external world; to acquaint himself with past history and receive all necessary information regarding the present in preparation to the future. 

Education shapes the future of young people and makes them good citizens of the world. Education gives light and opens the mind of man, making him a meaningful tool for living an upright life with all good moral ethics. Education serves as the means to bring about the desired change in society, to develop a generation of virtuous individuals and thus contribute to the development of good human beings.

The fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, inculcate the forms of proper conduct and acquire technical competency. Education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially.

The importance of education to everyone manifests itself in terms of the need to cultivate the young people of society into mature individuals. Education is especially important for the young children in their growing stage. It is the time to develop the principles of life, make career decisions and begin the pursuit of one’s goals. The S.I.C. believes that benefits of education are indeed endless.  However, education without a caring mind is useless.

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