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The SIC logo is made of 4 elements and each of them has its own meaning. The 4 elements are: Education, Health,  Freedom, and Destiny.  Each element is connected to each other.  
Education can be formal or informal.  Learning is a life long process. Education consists of all information we receive from our parents when we were even babies, then going to school, even outside school.  All life experiences are part of education.  We continue to learn until we die.  
The S.I.C. believes that without health, there is nothing we can do.  Without a good health all our plans are paralyzed.  Good health is a prerequisite for any successful life.  "Work".  Working hard, is very important in life.  There are many people who are very successful, with or without education.  Working hard requires a strong determination, devotion and courage.  After working hard, then you enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.  Lazy peoples, soon or later end up living unsuccessful and poor life.
"Freedom".  The freedom spoken here, is a freedom under the law.  You are free to do whatever you want in life.  You are free to live a moral or immoral life...However, the S.I.C. wants you to be free in doing what is good.
 "Destiny". Destiny consists of two sections: On one hand, there is eternal life for those who obey God and follow His commands.  On the other hand, there is hell for those who choose to obey Satan and his angels, and follow their commands. The S.I.C. helps you to ready eternal life, where you will be in paradise, and live with God for ever and ever; without suffering or dying, without pain and sorrow.

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