Mar 02

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The Center is the meeting place for peoples from all nations and all age groups, including students, professionals, farmers, unemployed people, children, old people, poor or rich, sick or healthy, good or bad.  This is an academic and non-academic center for  everybody.  It is a cane for a lame, and a wheelchair for the paralytic people. It is a church for the spiritually sick person, and a hospital for the person who is not well.  It is a hiding place, and it is a refuge.  It is a school for nursing students and for professional nurses and other health officials.  It is the symbolic office of the SIC director, the chairman, and the executive committee of volunteers. It is place of rest without stress.
The center is located anywhere:  in our heart, on line, under the trees, under the bridges.  As the growth process continues, the SIC will have different branches in Thailand and abroad.
The Center is not necessarily a physical place.  It is just a training area which can be anywhere as long as the SIC trainer is there to train the students.  It is place of worship and commune with God.  
The Center is any place where you can receive messages, health counseling and other items from the S.I.C..  It is a place where you can sit and listen carefully to the voice guidance leading to our eternal home.  
The Center is the place of departure from unhealthful lifestyles, from pleasures of this life, from immorality to good decisions leading to your eternal life.  
From here, you start your journey on the rough road leading to the final destination.   
The Sunrise Itinerary Center has the ultimate purpose of spreading the gospel and inviting people to dedicate their lives to God, believe in Jesus Christ, and walk with Him every day of their lives until they will live together with Him forever and ever.  The final destination for every Christian traveler is to live with God, in heaven and in the new earth when Jesus Christ will come back again. 
In heaven and the new earth, there will be death, no cry, no sorrow and no mourning again, and Jesus Christ will wipe all our tears, and reward each of them with eternal life.
The center is the home for all SIC members.  The center is a guest house where you rest and sleep soundly.  It is a free place to rest without stress.
Welcome home!

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    1. Samuel Umereweneza

      By God’s grace, everything is possible.

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