Mar 02

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Itinerary in this S.I.C. seal represents the rough road that people use to achieve their final destination. In this perspective, the S.I.C. is the way, on which you pass to achieve good education, good health, freedom, and eternal life.  The final destination for every Christian who believes in Jesus-Christ is "HEAVEN" our eternal home. Everything in this world is ephemeral.  All of us humans, we are travelers, but then, there are two final destinations:  Number one is heaven which is for those who have willingly accepted Jesus-Christ as their personal savior, believes in Him and follow His commands.  Number two is "HELL", the eternal home for Satan and his followers. The S.I.C. serves as a map and voice guidance that will lead you to heaven, and not to hell.  The S.I.C. is the GPS for your life.

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